Travel Bloggers Weekly Issue 47

Travel Bloggers Weekly curates important stories, ideas and resources for travel bloggers to create, build and grow their travel blog.

Travel Bloggers Weekly Issue 47
Photo by Galen Crout / Unsplash

Welcome to the 47th issue of Travel Bloggers Weekly.

Travel Bloggers Weekly curates important stories, ideas and resources for travel bloggers to create, build and grow their travel blog.

Spring cleaning: some sitemap extension tags are going away | Google Search Central Blog | Google Developers
Outcome Driven SEO Roadmaps
How to create a roadmap that connects technical SEO strategy, business goals and delivery.
12 Actionable Steps to Drive Newsletter Growth with SEO Content
Here’s how to get users from your website into your email newsletter list, and why email marketing and SEO work so well together.
The Top Tech SEO Strategies for 2022 and Beyond
Last year was an incredible year for core updates , and for changes to how SEOs improve page quality for users. Moving forward, we can expect to see increased diversification of SERPs and new features from tools like Google Lens. These developments will change how we manage our SEO now and in the…
10 Big Ways Infographics Benefit Your Content Strategy
Are you using infographics as part of your content strategy? You may be missing out on valuable digital marketing opportunities if not.
The Month in WordPress – April 2022
This past month saw a lot of preparation work for WordPress 6.0, due to release on 24 May 2022. This major release brings exciting improvements – read on to find out more about the latest happening…
Google removing support for some video and image sitemap extension tags
These sitemap extension tags are being deprecated on August 6, 2022.
How to get started in the creator economy
Creators are the “adjacent businesses” of the internet age. Those who choose to create will thrive. Here’s why.
How to turn your amateur blogging into a real business
If you want to go pro, watch out for these 12 mistakes.
A beginners guide to SEO for publishers and creators!
You don’t need to be a marketing expert to get started with SEO. Here’s how!
What is quality content and how do you create it?
When is content considered quality content? And what can you do to make sure your content hits the mark? Read all about it in this post!
Twitter tips for websites
How to make the most out of Twitter on your website to increase followers, drive engagement, and grow your business.

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