Travel Bloggers Weekly Issue 40

Travel Bloggers Weekly curates important stories, ideas and resources for travel bloggers to create, build and grow their travel blog.

Travel Bloggers Weekly Issue 40
Photo by Alessandro Erbetta / Unsplash

Welcome to the 40th issue of Travel Bloggers Weekly.

Travel Bloggers Weekly curates important stories, ideas and resources for travel bloggers to create, build and grow their travel blog.

Prettier 2.6: new singleAttributePerLine option and new JavaScript features! · Prettier
This release includes a new `singleAttributePerLine` option. This is an option to print only one attribute per line in Vue SFC templates, HTML, and JSX. Per our [Option Philosophy](, we would prefer not to add such an option. However, there are many…
Release v13.3.0 · angular/angular
13.3.0 (2022-03-16)Special ThanksAndrew Scott, Kristiyan Kostadinov and Paul Gschwendtner
Welcome to AWS Pi Day 2022 | Amazon Web Services
We launched Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) sixteen years ago today! As I often told my audiences in the early days, I wanted them to think big thoughts and dream big dreams! Looking back, I think it is safe to say that the launch of S3 empowered them to do just that, and initiated […]
Google’s Danielle Marshak On How Google Understands Videos
In the latests Search Off the Record, Gary Illyes and Lizzi Sassman from the Google Search Central team had Danielle Marshak, a Google Search Product Manager for Videos, as a guest on the podcast. Dan
A11Y Automation Tracker
Google’s free hotel booking links arrive on Search and Maps
Google is expanding its free hotel booking links to show on Search and Maps. The company is also adding reporting capabilities, support for hotel rates in Google Business Profiles and rolling out Local Posts to hotels.
WordPress 5.9.2 Security and Maintenance Release
WordPress 5.9.2 is now available! This security and maintenance release features 1 bug fix in addition to 3 security fixes. Because this is a security release, it is recommended that you updat…
8 SEO costs that impact your ROI
In SEO, there are obvious costs, but also some hidden costs. Learn how to understand the true, full cost of SEO.
Are Internal Links In Header and Footer Treated Differently?
Does Google treat internal links differently based on location on a page? Are header and footer internal links less important?
WordPress Releases a New Performance Plugin
WordPress announced an official plugin that helps speed up websites. Publishers can test the new beta features and offer feedback
How Google Ranks Pages With Abbreviations
Google’s John Mueller answers how Google’s algorithm handles abbreviations
500 Response on Robots.txt Fetch Can Impact Rich Results
500 response to a robots.txt fetch causes loss of rich results and while a bug in search console fails to diagnose the issue
How To Set Up IndexNow Using Rank Math WordPress SEO Plugin
Set up IndexNow on a WordPress site by using the Rank Math SEO Plugin in 3 easy steps

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