Travel Bloggers Weekly Issue 39

Travel Bloggers Weekly curates important stories, ideas and resources for travel bloggers to create, build and grow their travel blog.

Travel Bloggers Weekly Issue 39
Photo by Benjamin Davies / Unsplash

Welcome to the 39th issue of Travel Bloggers Weekly.

Travel Bloggers Weekly curates important stories, ideas and resources for travel bloggers to create, build and grow their travel blog.

How to Upgrade to the React 18 Release Candidate – React Blog
Our next major version, React 18, is available today as a Release Candidate (RC). As we shared at React Conf, React 18 introduces features powered by our new concurrent renderer, with a gradual adoption strategy for existing applications. In this post, we will guide you through the steps for upgradi…
HTML and CSS in Emails: What Works in 2022?
What HTML and CSS features work for email templates, and how we can make them work for all email clients, in 2022.
Twitter tests Shops feature
Shoppers can click a “View Shop” button on merchants’ profiles and browse up to 50 products on the platform.
5 Must-Have Elements of a Successful Footer in 2022 | Webdesigner Depot
If you want to know how well-dressed someone is, look at their shoes. Shoes tell you a lot about a person’s style, activities, and choices. We often choose clothes to deceive people about who we are — we want to be brighter, more successful, more relaxed, more adventurous than we actually are. But,…
A11Y Automation Tracker
10 Useful CSS Tricks for Front-end Developers - Stack Diary
CSS is becoming more capable of handling dynamic design features that were often achieved through JavaScript. And these creative CSS tricks are a prime example of that.
WordPress 5.9.2 Security and Maintenance Release
WordPress 5.9.2 is now available! This security and maintenance release features 1 bug fix in addition to 3 security fixes. Because this is a security release, it is recommended that you updat…
New Ways To Grow & Manage Facebook Groups
A new set of tools is available for Facebook group admins to grow and manage their community more efficiently.
A Guide To 301 vs 302 Redirects For SEO
Here’s a simple explanation of 301 and 302 redirects, giving you an overview of the appropriate uses for each.
Pinterest adds in-app checkout and personalized shopping recommendations
Pinterest is expanding on its shopping-related capabilities with in-app checkout and a new personalized recommendations feature. The features may help improve Pinterest as a marketing channel for retailers as well as a shopping destination for users.
Google Broad Core Algorithm Updates: Everything you need to know
What is a broad core algorithm update? Learn the complete history of Google’s core updates, what they are, and what’s important for SEO.
Microsoft Advertising announces new ad type for service providers
Microsoft Advertising has announced Professional service ads, a new ad format designed for service providers such as insurance agents, realtors and so on. Professional service ads are currently available as a pilot in the U.S. and Canada.
Geotargeting optimization: How region impacts your PPC results
Geotargeting is a critical optimization tactic. Learn how analyzing paid search results by regions may unlock greater ROI.

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